From Taiwan to the US (Week 8)

From my internship experience at NTU, one of the biggest factors I noticed about a research project is collaborating with others. At some point in time, you will need help from others and maybe someone else will have information that you need, so interpersonal skills are extremely important in both a work setting and in a classroom setting. In class, I have had a group project in almost every single class. This is where working with others becomes very important. Although, this may seem simple or like common sense, there will be times when unexpected circumstances or conflicts will arise that have to be resolved in order to move forward. Working at NTU has allowed me to gain exposure to both a work and school setting where stress levels are high and see how others interact to reach a common goal. I think this is a skill that is not taught in class, but applies in our everyday lives.

Since my project revolved mostly around using R for air quality monitoring and data visualization, I might not necessarily learn this in class. However, the skills that I can apply towards my classes is the problem solving skills used to learn the R program, and how to work around obstacles to reach the goal. Also, since most of my internship was in Chinese, this skill became very useful, since I have a harder time understanding professional or Public Health related terms in Chinese.

I believe that these skills are something that are not taught in the classroom, but are useful in the classroom setting. Working  in a professional setting has helped foster these skills, which is an important aspect of a practicum, to learn to work outside of a classroom. Finally, working in Taiwan has taught me to adapt to different environments, since the working lifestyle and culture here is different than in the US.


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